The Washington Modified of T.W.O.M: Washington Chapter Gatherings

 The Washington Chapter Ambassador is T.W.O.M Vice President, Felicia "Cupcake" Moore...the cutie to your left here. :)

Cupcake leads this chapter with respect, compassion and a shrewd sense for detail and organization...which is why she is my second in command!

She and I are polar opposites, however, I love her, respect her, and I am never worried about the guidance or direction to which this amazing chapter is headed.

Veteran and Guild member, Asia Lanzarotta, aka Tasty Doll serves as Co-chair ambassador as well as manager/admin of the Curvy Cuties Bodacious Beauties Division of T.W.O.M.

This Chapter is armed with two great Ambassadors, as well as an amazing WA crew of the T.W.O.M sisterhood.

Danni R.M.W.O.M, we love and appreciate you for being an awesome member of T.W.O.M, as well as a stellar photographer and member of W.O.M Team Shutterbug!

Well....yeah. I mean...yeah.